Site Supervision

The Holder Group provides, on a full time basis, an experienced and project dedicated field superintendent for the entirety of each project.

The Project Manager in addition to constant interaction with the design team, client, construction code officials, etc. during the course of each week, he or she will conduct weekly, on-site job progress meetings with conference calling capability for those ‘calling in’ to the meeting. The Project Manager also oversees the preparation of the agendas and meeting minutes, construction schedule, RFI logs, additional pricing logs, submittal logs, etc. keeping every member of the project team apprised of the project status.

On the morning of the weekly job progress meetings, the Project Manager will perform a field inspection of the job site with the field superintendent. Additionally, it is our practice to hold weekly trade contractor coordination meetings immediately prior to the client’s job progress meeting. Attendance at this meeting is mandatory for each of the trade contractors and The Holder Group field and project management personnel.

During these field inspection meetings, the Project Manager will assess and rectify the following aspects of field operations:

Job site maintenance and cleanliness
Safety inspection
Equipment analysis
Inspection status
Schedule Review
- Lead time analysis
- Manpower requirements
- Sequence of work
- Project Completion review