Budget Reporting and Forecasting

Construction costs can quickly spiral out of control if not watched carefully and managed properly. Nearly every project starts with a set and frequently, stringent budget. These constraints must be defined and conveyed to the design team at the start of construction.

The Holder Group assists during the initial stages of design and material specification to project costs and maintain the budget. Adjustments which must be made to the physical attributes of the completed project are suggested with cost impact presented. This information is reviewed by the design team with final decision made by the client.

The Holder Group will attend to the following aspects of your project financial controls:

Pre Construction
Preliminary Budget Estimating
– Construction type analysis
– Projected cost per square foot calculation
– Hard and soft cost projections

Interim Budget Estimating
– Schematic drawing review
– Material take off and cost estimate
– Recommendations for alternate materials or methods of construction
– Value engineering suggestions

Final Cost Projections
– Solicit proposals from General Contractors and/or subcontractors for each trade
– Compile all cost data
– Establish appropriate contingency allowances