Preliminary Budget Estimating

The Holder Group maintains a detailed and accurate database of all types of construction components through our subcontractor relations.  From cubic footage of excavation through lineal yard of wall coverings, our database has proved a reliable source for budget estimating.  Paired with thorough quantifying of all materials, labor and equipment required to complete a project, The Holder Group’s budget estimating process is quite thorough.  Contingent upon the degree and accuracy of the information provided our Budget Estimates typically fall within 5% of the completed construction cost.

We are sensitive to our clients needs for complete and accurate cost projections.  We would neither low ball a job to get our foot in the door nor unnecessarily inflate projected costs.  While some might say estimating, by its nature, is not an exact science, we approach every project from a very different point of view.  Our vast experience provides us with the insight to see beyond the lines on paper and foresee a completed project with all it requires.

The Holder Group will assist the client in formulating the overall budget for the project including all hard and soft costs.  During the pre-construction phase, regularly scheduled meetings will be held with the design team and leasing professionals to keep the project on track with regard to scheduling and cost control.
Initially, and dependent upon the complexity of the project, the budget may contain the following components:

Soft Costs
Land Acquisition
Brokerage Fees
Due Diligence Costs
Legal Fees
O/R, C/M, G/C and D/B costs
Consultant fees
– Architectural
– Engineering
– Interior Design
– Information Technology
– Security Consultant

Hard Costs
Construction costs
Fixtures, Furniture and Equipment
Storage costs
Moving costs