Requisition and Change Order Review

The Holder Group, in its management of our client’s general contractors, construction managers and design/build constructors, is uniquely qualified within the design and construction team, to perform a proper evaluation of payment applications and change orders submitted by the contractor.

Accordingly, our review, analysis and recommendations frequently include the following:

Change Order Review
- Review of the construction drawings and specifications for applicability of the change orders
- Review of the contract terms for verification of proper mark up for general conditions, overhead and profit as agreed

Cost Analysis
- Perform in-house quantity take-off and cost estimates for all change orders submitted
- Review cost proposals presented by the subcontractor performing the work

Payment Application Review
- Prepare for the contractor’s use a fully detailed and comprehensive Schedule of Values
- Field verify percentages complete for each line item
- Obtain, review and verify lien waivers
- Verify current status and proper levels for insurances
- Make recommendations for withholding of retainage and release of retainage when applicable
- Ensure all contract terms and conditions, including those contained within the construction drawings and specifications are in full compliance before recommendations are made for final payment
- Perform a full contract audit prior to final payment (if applicable to the contract format)