Value Engineering

During the bid process, prime, trade and sub contractors are encouraged to keep an open mind during evaluation of the construction documents with regard to alternative means, materials and methods of construction. Many of our Value Engineering options are suggested by the trade contractors and presented to our clients and design team members for consideration. Typically, our value engineering methods include:

– Evaluation of the design intent for potential redesign options
– Suggestions for alternate material and equipment suppliers
– Suggestions for substitution of materials and equipment while maintaining design intent and aesthetic qualities
– Analyze potential cost savings alternatives that might be realized in salvaging of existing materials and equipment

Additionally, implementing any value engineering suggestions requires significant attention, beginning with The Holder Group and assisting the design team in evaluating how these cost saving objective might effect other aspects of the project, all while providing the originally intended end product to our clients.

Construction Coordination
Design Team
– Value engineering review and approvals
– Re-engineering if necessary
– Expedite shop drawing approval process
General Coordination
– Analyze and submit cost saving solutions
– Provide all Project Scheduling impact reports
– Presentation of value engineering suggestions
Trade Contractors
– Value engineering implementation
– Prepare and submit all shop drawing submissions
– Establish and procure long lead items
– Evaluation of cost savings vs. scheduling concerns