Code Compliance Review

The Holder Group will initiate a review of the current job site conditions to evaluate code compliance and address any issues which may need to be rectified during the course of construction for Certificate of Occupancy needs:

Review of the as-built drawing and existing conditions including:
Architect’s / Engineer’s drawings
Design/Build shop drawings
Lease requirements

Building Department consultations:
Meet with the Construction Code Official and the sub-code officials including Building, Fire, Plumbing and Electric
Foster an attitude of willingness to comply with their requirements and recommendations
Prepare a list of necessary work to be completed to achieve full compliance with all codes and recommendations

Architect / Engineer consultations
Discuss with the Architect of Record their interpretation of the code deficiencies noted by the Construction Code Official
Discuss the current design criteria
Employ the services of an independent Architect and/or Engineer if necessary for peer review of the code criteria