Lending Institution Assistance

Project Finance Tracking and Coordination

The Holder Group assists our clients in various aspect of project financing.  Whether it be in a support role, providing projected construction cost data or as a source of financing options.

We maintain a multitude of financing relationships from banking institutions specializing in specific industries to private funding options.

The Holder Group will assist in establishing the project budget, encompassing both the hard costs of construction, including the estimated construction contract, site and infrastructure costs, and furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E), and soft costs including design fees, testing & inspections, permitting fees, legal and financing fees, and other related costs.

All cost data will be compiled and tracked utilizing The Holder Group’s project management and accounting system, which enables the tracking and reporting of budget variations and adjustments, contract commitments, and projected final budget amounts.

To the extent required by the client, The Holder Group will work in conjunction with your lending institution prior to the start and during construction as follows:

Lending Institution Liaison
Lending institution introductions
Solicit financing offers
Preparation and submission of a draw schedule
Joint review of monthly payment requisitions for percentage complete
Assistance in gathering lien waiver documentation
Preparation and submission of periodic cost projections
Assistance in preparing income and profit projections, if required
Distribution of monthly Executive Summary reports