Construction Documentation

Our catalog of documents begins with our Estimating department.  Each trade and/or prime contractor is provided with the following during the bidding process:

• A full scope of work narrative
• Contract documents relative to the trade contract
• Written directions to the job site
• Key maps showing the location of the work in question within the building
• Description of the job site conditions
• Contractor building access
• Trash removal locations
• Parking requirements
• Freight elevator and loading conditions
• Building management rules and regulations

Our Project Managers are responsible for the compilation and maintenance of the following components of our construction management services and documentation:

• Project Schedule
• Budget Reports
• Purchasing Reports
• Long Lead Item Procurements
• Daily Project Logs
• Change Order documentation and processing
• Requisitions for Payment

The Assistant Project Managers will work in conjunction with the Project Manager and Director of Project Administration in preparing the following documentation:

• Weekly meeting Agendas
• Weekly progress meeting minutes
• Progress photograph distribution
• Log Maintenance
– Shop Drawing and Submittal Logs
– Request for Information Logs
– Request for Change Order Logs
– Prime and Subcontract Change Order Logs

The Purchasing Agent will keep the team apprised of the budget status during the bidding and purchasing phases providing the following documentation:
• Final Budget
• Contract Schedule of Values
• Contract Scope of Work descriptions
• Projected Buy-out schedules
• Not to Exceed authorization forms
• Negotiated subcontract value confirmation forms
• Final Budget spreadsheets

The Project Accountant will ensure that you are kept informed of all financial aspects of the project in completing the following:
• AIA Requisition for Payment
• Updated Budget Reports
• Purchasing Reports
• Subcontract Agreements
• Change Order documentation and processing
• Lien Waivers
• Certificates of Insurance