Insurance and Bonding

Following is a description of the insurance limits carried by The Holder Group. Any additional insurance limits which may be required will be added to our policy at no additional charge to the project costs. The Owner, tenant and any other interested parties will be named as additional insureds.

Each sub-contractor will issue a certificate of insurance for the project, also naming Owner, tenant and others interested parties as additional insureds.

The Holder Group maintains the following types and limits of insurance:

Commercial General Liability

- General Aggregate $5,000,000.00
- Products $3,000,000.00
- Personal and Adv. Injury $1,000,000.00
- Each Occurrence $1,000,000.00
- Fire Damage $100,000.00
- Medical Expenses $10,000.00
- Automobile Liability $1,000,000.00;
Excess Liability
- Each Occurrence $2,000,000.00
- Aggregate $5,000,000.00
- Workers Compensation $500,000.00

In its role as Owner’s Representative, The Holder Group verifies and monitors proper insurance coverage from the prime contractor and all of its subcontractors for the owner’s protection. Similarly, as General Contractor, Construction Manager or Design/Build constructor, The Holder Group maintains the same stringent policy restricting job site access and payment of open invoices should any subcontractor fall short of the contractual insurance requirements.