Progress and Coordination Meetings

At the initial stage of construction, The Holder Group holds two critical meetings to get the project off to a proper start.  The first, held with the owner and design team and the latter with the field personnel and contractors.

Kick Off Meeting:
Prior to the start of construction, The Holder Group will coordinate the first of the weekly meetings during which the following topics will be discussed:
- Meeting Schedule and Protocol
- Project Team Introductions
- Project Contact Information
- Permit Submission Status
- Construction Start Date
- Project Scheduling & Completion Date
- Building Rules & Regulations
- Material Delivery procedures
- Debris Removal
- Weekly Meeting Schedule
- Contract Issues
- Project Submittals List
- Submittal Approval Process
- RFI process
- Change order process
- Authorized Client/Architect
- Payment requisition procedures
- Close-Out Procedures & Documentation

Prime and Subcontractor Coordination Meetings:
Prior to commencement of construction, the Project Manager and Field Superintendent will hold a mandatory pre-construction conference with the applicable contractors.

Each contractor will be informed of
- Building Rules and Regulations
- Job Site Safety meeting schedule
- Weekly Foreman’s meeting schedule
- Project scheduling and long lead items
- Shop drawing and samples submissions
- Insurance certificate submissions
- Invoicing procedures
- Change order processing
- Project close-out procedures
- As-built drawing submissions
- Final waivers of lien requirements
- Warranty and operations manuals submission
- Punch list completion and status

On a weekly basis, The Holder Group conducts various on-site progress meetings to identify, address and track issues, review budget concerns and maintain scheduling:

Weekly Progress Meetings:
Weekly progress meetings will be conducted by The Holder Group with the client, contractor(s) and the design team in attendance
Preparation of meeting agendas
Preparation of meeting minutes
Preparation of action lists
Review of all open RFI
Review of all unapproved submittals and shop drawings
Change Order review
Weekly construction updates and review of current issues
Schedule review and completion date projections

Weekly Site Coordination Meetings:
The Field Superintendent conducts weekly trade contractor coordination meetings with the General Field Superintendent and Project Manager in attendance
Preparation of meeting minutes
Field questions and issue RFI to the design team
Review “Two Week Look Ahead” Schedules
Review submittals and shop drawing approval status

Weekly Internal Coordination Meetings:
The Holder Group project management team, field personnel and The Holder Group principals meet on a weekly basis to discuss every aspect of the project including:
Permit Status
Purchasing progress
Manpower projections and material lead times
Construction Schedule and completion date
Review of meeting minutes
Accounts payable and receivable status
Change Order review
Open Request for Information Issues
Status of unapproved shop drawings and submittals
In depth construction schedule review
Inspections and Building Department issues
Punch List review and status reports
Certificate of Occupancy status
Review and preparation of action lists