Project Scheduling

Prior to the start of construction, The Holder Group will prepare and submit a construction schedule prepared with Microsoft Project, the industry standard in project scheduling. Several members of our firm are well versed in this program and will prepare project and construction schedules for this project, updated monthly.

We find this tool to be vital in tracking prime and trade contractor progress, meeting deadlines and keeping owners, architects and engineers apprised of completion status. The schedule is updated monthly or as needed and distributed to each member of the project team.

A current print of the construction schedule will be posted at the field superintendent’s work area and reviewed in depth with the prime and each trade contractor on a continual basis. The schedule is also made part of the subcontractor’s agreements with the prime contractor. It is the responsibility of the subcontractors to comply with the time frames delineated in the schedule.

The Construction Schedule will be reviewed by the project team weekly to anticipate and alleviate any potential scheduling conflicts. When necessary, the sub-contractors will be informed to provide additional manpower to recover any regression in the schedule.