Quality Control

Drawing and Specification Compliance

One aspect in which The Holder Group ensures that our clients are completely satisfied with the end result of their construction projects is through stringent control of the specification and purchasing of your project.  The most important decisions regarding the quality of a completed facility are made during the design and planning stages rather than during construction. It is during these preliminary stages that component configurations, material specifications and functional performance are decided. Quality control during construction consists largely of insuring conformance to these original design and planning decisions.

Additionally, attention to workmanship during construction plays an important role in providing a quality end product.  The Holder Group insures quality construction via outsourced inspection agencies and training of its staff in the following program:

Quality Control Program
Pre Construction Phase
– Review of contract documents
– Ensure compliance of material to the project specifications and contract requirements
– Coordinate all submittals including certifications
– Verify use of proper equipment and trained personnel
– Ensure preliminary testing is accomplished.

Construction Phase
– Review the contract requirements with personnel who will perform the work
– Inspect startup of work
– Establish standards of workmanship
– Provide training as necessary
– Conduct intermittent or continuous inspection during construction to identify and correct deficiencies

Post Construction Phase
– Inspect completed phases before scheduled punch list inspection and final acceptance.
– Provide feedback and system changes to prevent repeated deficiencies.