Safety Concerns

Job Safety is The Holder Group’s primary concern. Our safety philosophy remains unchanged Send everyone home safely to their families every day.

In keeping with this philosophy, The Holder Group strives to set an example of outstanding safety standard and practices in the industry. We maintain our commitment in training and educating our employees and those of our contractors.

Job site Safety
Tool Box Talks
Subcontractor attire
Ear and Eye protection
Electrical safety
Floor opening protection
Ladder safety

Each job site maintains a current safety manual with tool box talk logs and sign in sheets. These logs are checked weekly to ensure that current site conditions and safety concerns are addressed and that each contractor is cooperating. Contracts prepared by The Holder Group, be it on a prime or subcontractor level, contain significant penalties for a contractor’s failure to comply with our safety program. In addition to our own commitment, The Holder Group maintains full OSHA compliance on every job site:

OSHA Compliance
Periodic voluntary inspections
Outsourced safety consultant firms
Unannounced spot checks

Due to this commitment and dedication to the safety of our job sites, our insurance experience rating and insurance costs are amongst the lowest in the industry.