Bidding and Purchasing

The Holder Group provides complete bid documentation to the prime, trade and subcontractors, including scope of work, bid forms, bid analysis worksheets and contract release forms. The Scope Sheets are forms developed by our estimating department prior to the bid process. Each of the contractors receives the applicable forms for their trade. This also serves as a guide in comparing the bids. Each contractor is required to submit the completed scope or Schedule of Values form with their proposal.

Upon receipt of the bids, The Holder Group will compare and analyze the scope of work and the respective proposals, from which we level the bids. Any questions or inconsistencies in the individual bids will be indicated on the leveling sheets and rectified prior to contract award. Leveling is a process that ensures that all bids are comparable and complete. We prepare a Bid Analysis Worksheet which compiles the pricing information gleaned from the bids and provides a basis for which we will project final construction costs.

Contract Award
Evaluation of contractor and material supplier proposals
Contractor recommendations and selection
Preparation of Owner Approval documentation (CRA)
Preparation of Contractual Agreements
– Prepare initial Letter of Intent
– Address manpower requirements
– Discuss scheduling requirements and penalty impositions
– Inform contractors of building rules and regulations
– Establish insurance requirements
– Obtain Certificates of Insurance
– Set field safety requirements
– Establish start date and length of warrantee for completed work
– Set payment terms

Construction Coordination
Design Team
– Value engineering review and approvals
Prime, trade and subcontractors
– Value engineering implementation
– Establish and procure long lead items
– Coordinate Construction Schedule deadlines
General Administration
– Prepare and submit all Budget and Purchasing Reports
– Provide initial Project Scheduling services