Contractor Selection

Key in our pursuit of quality construction projects is selection of the proper contractor for any given task.  Be it at a prime or subcontractor level, The Holder Group’s process of pre-qualification and selection remain constant and as follows:

Contractor Pre-qualification:
Experience in construction similar to this project
Firm characteristics (size, location, union affiliations, etc.)
Current work on hand
Team assignment review
Key employee evaluations
Years in business
Annual sales volume
Largest projects completed
Insurance limits
Worker’s Compensation experience ratings
OSHA compliance and Safety procedures
Subcontractor evaluations

Contractor Selection and Bidding Phase:
Contractor interview process and recommendations
Prepare Scope of Work for construction contract(s)
Issue Request for Proposal to GC/CM when applicable
Issue Invitation to Bid to prime and/or subcontractors
Prepare and distribute all bid packages
Coordinate pre-bid field inspections
Value Engineering review and coordination with contractors
Provide bid analysis and leveling services
Recommendations for pre-purchasing of long lead items
Establish recommended contingency allowances