Construction Documentation

Our catalog of documents begins with our Estimating department.  Each trade and/or prime contractor is provided with the following during the bidding process:

A full scope of work narrative
Contract documents relative to the trade contract
Written directions to the job site
Key maps showing the location of the work in question within the building
Description of the job site conditions
Contractor building access
Trash removal locations
Parking requirements
Freight elevator and loading conditions
Building management rules and regulations

Our Project Managers are responsible for the compilation and maintenance of the following components of our construction management services and documentation:

Project Schedule
Budget Reports
Purchasing Reports
Long Lead Item Procurements
Daily Project Logs
Change Order documentation and processing
Requisitions for Payment

The Assistant Project Managers will work in conjunction with the Project Manager and Director of Project Administration in preparing the following documentation:

Weekly meeting Agendas
Weekly progress meeting minutes
- Progress photograph distribution
- Log Maintenance
- Shop Drawing and Submittal Logs
- Request for Information Logs
- Request for Change Order Logs
- Prime and Subcontract Change Order Logs

The Purchasing Agent will keep the team apprised of the budget status during the bidding and purchasing phases providing the following documentation:
- Final Budget
- Contract Schedule of Values
- Contract Scope of Work descriptions
- Projected Buy-out schedules
- Not to Exceed authorization forms
- Negotiated subcontract value confirmation forms
- Final Budget spreadsheets

The Project Accountant will ensure that you are kept informed of all financial aspects of the project in completing the following:
- AIA Requisition for Payment
- Updated Budget Reports
- Purchasing Reports
- Subcontract Agreements
- Change Order documentation and processing
- Lien Waivers
- Certificates of Insurance