Site Selection and Evalution

Once the client has determined that their current space can no longer fulfill their physical needs, The Holder Group can assist them in the arduous process of pre-screening and evaluating potential relocation options via the following services:

Assist the client in the initial process of land acquisition or space location:

Recommendations for Real Estate Brokers
Broker agreement negotiation
Broker management
Preview spaces with brokers
Evaluate available spaces based on basic space requirements
Obtain and evaluate various building lease terms and conditions

Assist the client in determining the requirements for spaces to be leased, purchased or constructed:

Acceptable lease rates and terms
Feasibility Studies
Test Fit Drawings
Preliminary specifications and finish selections
Projected construction budget
Basic space / structure requirements

  • Square footage
  • Natural light and ventilation provisions
  • Available electrical capacity
  • Building communication systems (phone, T1, cable internet)
  • Building HVAC system design
  • Building wide or independent fire alarm and energy management systems
  • Energy costs (tenant or landlord responsibilities)
  • Building services (cleaning, security, etc.)
  • Access hours and availability of after hours access
  • Proximity of public transportation options
  • Parking facilities and approximate costs