Wellmont Theater

Montclair, New Jersey

2500 seat Live Performance Venue
Renovation / Restoration
Historically Registered (1922)
Public Assembly / Life Safety Issues
Construction Cost: $8,000,000
Duration: 10 months

Owner: MNR Clat Realty, LLC
Contract Format: Owner’s Representative

Theater management chose to fast track the project by engaging the services of a small, design/build contractor on a cost plus basis. After 18 months, the project budget increased substantially from its initial $3,000,000 projection to a final cost of $8,000,000. There were significant design problems, life safety and code infractions and a proven inability to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy. Based on an initial review, The Holder Group was engaged as Owner’s Representative to assist the contractor in completing the project.

• Financial Analysis of all costs expended prior
• Technical review of the construction documents to address code and design issues
• Consultation with local code officials to determine extent of code infractions and suggested remedies
• Obtain Historic Commission approval for exterior improvements
• Resolution of substantial HVAC design errors and associated modifications to incoming electrical service requirements

Ultimately, and in light of The Holder Group’s findings, the contractor was released from their contractual obligations. The Holder Group engaged a new engineering firm and assumed responsibility for the construction management aspects of the project.

• Maintained operation of the Theater throughout design and construction
• Execution of the redesign process including design team selection, existing conditions documentation, design review meetings, coordination with architectural elements of construction, etc.
• Bidding and purchasing of the re-design efforts
• Construction Management of the re-construction project including on-site supervision, project management, value engineering efforts and general project coordination
• Meeting minutes, agendas, contract release authorizations, financial projections and cost control
• Preparation of documentation for legal action against the original general contractor for misappropriation of funds