Mission Statement

The Holder Group, in its pursuit to provide superior construction services, focuses on four major areas of attention in assisting our clients with their construction projects…….

Maintaining the client’s original budget, The Holder Group will control, track and report project costs as if the funds were our own.  Every bid, payment application, request for change order will be questioned, qualified, checked and double checked for accuracy.  Budget reports are issued monthly during the planning and construction periods to ensure that our clients are continually updated on the current projections for cost at completion

Time is money!  The Holder Group is accustomed to managing the construction process on a fast track basis.  We appreciate our client’s cash flow concerns and need to begin the income producing and/or rent collection phase as quickly as possible.  Your commitments are held in as high regard as our commitment to you.  Beginning with the design process, followed by permitting and ultimately through construction, the project will be completed as expeditiously as possible.

The Holder Group’s attention to detail extends far beyond the norm for construction professionals.  Our staff of well educated professionals from the architectural field and in house engineers afford us the added ability to survey and critique the work of our design team as well as verification that the constructed product meets the architectural and engineering intent.  No stone is left unturned.

At The Holder Group, commitment to our client’s best interests is what drives our team in its pursuit of excellence and fair dealings with our clients, architects, engineers, suppliers and contractors.  Our honest business dealings permit us to make a promise of transparency to our clients and vendors alike.

We pride ourselves in our vigorous approach.  The Holder Group will assemble a cohesive team committed to the project schedule and cost and never act passively in the management of your construction project.